CCYL Loves

We are committed to providing a positive, Christ-centered environment in which children can learn, grow, and play. Our caring and dedicated staff are committed to loving, guiding, and educating children. Calvary Chapel Preschool programs emphasize the development of the whole child. Our daily curriculum and activities are designed to help each child grow spiritually, socially , academically, and physically. Young children learn best as active participants in a developmentally appropriate setting where they feel comfortable, challenged, and part of a group.

Our Preschool program presents opportunities for students to:

Develop diverse thinking skills through the use of open-ended materials and many informal conversations among the children and adults.

Work and play individually or in small self-organized groups where the emphasis is on learning by doing problem solving and discovery.

Engage in experiences and activities of varying complexity as well as manipulation of concrete objects in natural play situations.

Daily instruction is designed to increase attention span, sharpen listening skills and develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Develop mathematical understanding through the use of familiar manipulatives, such as sand, water, unit cubes, pattern blocks, counters, and other concrete materials.

Enhance their own natural curiosity about familiar elements, such as plants, animals, rocks, soil, and water to form a basis for the scientific method through observations, experimentation, and conclusions.

Develop an appreciation and enjoyment of the varied forms of music, art, dance, and dramatic play.

Build their physical well being through both structured and unstructured exercise of fine and gross motor muscles through indoor and outdoor activities.

Build strong language skills through exposure to a print-rich environment that emphasizes the functional values of reading, writing, listening and speaking, and introducing them to our acclaimed phonics-based A Beka curriculum.

Experience the Spanish language and the cultures and the celebrations of Spanish-speaking countries in a natural and spontaneous way in the classroom.

Participate in a community that fosters respect and responsibility. Calendar events filled with educational enrichment.

Visual and performing arts. Develop healthy life skills. Participate in physical fitness. Become curious and enthusiastic about learning