Miss Jillian's Happy Hedgehogs (Toddler Classroom)

Hello, I am Jillian Reuland. I am very excited to be the Lead Teacher in the Happy Hedgehogs classroom. This is my second year at CCYL and I have previous experience working in preschool. My goal as a teacher is to provide a loving and nurturing environment that encourages your child’s cognitive, social, and spiritual growth.

Miss Brooke & Miss Catelyn's Busy Bees (2's/3's Potty Training Classroom)

Hello! I'm Brooke Douglass, and this is my fourth year working at Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda. I love working with children and I am currently in school studying early childhood education. I look forward to nurturing and teaching your children God’s word, and being a part of their developmental discoveries.
Hello! My name is Catelyn Castro. I am the assistant teacher in the Busy Bees Classroom. I have an associates degree in Child and Adolescent Development from Fullerton College and I recently graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with my bachelors in Liberal Studies. This is my first year at CCYL and I am so excited to be with the Busy Bees. I love being able to come to work everyday and help your children have fun while reaching developmental milestones.

Miss Nadine, Miss Cheena, & Miss Drew's Bubbly Birds
(3's Potty Training Classroom)

Hello ! My name Nadine Mantoura . I have been working at CCYL for the past four years. I truly love to teach and watch children learn and grow.  I have a great relationship with our Lord Jesus and look forward to implementing the word of Christ with learning development
Hi, I'm Cheena Blair,  I am so excited to be the assistant teacher in the Bubbly Birds classroom on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This is my first year teaching at CCYL, however I have been a part of the Calvary family my entire life. I am currently continuing my education at Santiago Canyon College. We have an awesome God and I’m so excited to serve him by teaching your little ones!
Hello! My name is Drew Persons. I am the assistant teacher in the Bubbly Birds classroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am currently a student at Cal State Fullerton where I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Child and Adolescent Development. I have been working at CCYL for the past 3 years. I love being able to help children develop their love for learning, while also strengthening their relationship with Jesus.

Mrs. Adriana & Miss Stephanie's Outstanding Owls (3's/4's)

Hi my name is Adriana Bravo. I have been teaching at CCYL for 10 years, and I love working with kids. It is fascinating to see how fast they learn. I enjoy introducing my class to different materials, textures, learning experiences that make my day always super fun!

Hello, I'm Stephanie Oei. I’ve been working with kids for over 12 years & this is my third year with CCYL. I love making crafts with the kids and allowing them to explore their creativity, as well as teaching them all about life’s little lessons. I’m so excited to continue this journey with all of you!

Miss Sydney's Fabulous Frogs ( 4’S)

Hi there! My name is Sydney Basham. I am the lead teacher in the Fabulous Frogs classroom. A little about myself is currently I’m a criminal justice major and attend class at Cal State Fullerton in the evenings, but my joy during the day is our sweet little preschoolers. This is the beginning of my third school year at Calvary and I am so so excited to share this journey with your children! We will be learning so much and having tons of fun!

Mrs. Judy's Blooming Flowers (K4)

Hi, My name is Judy Salazar. I have been teaching at Calvary Chapel for 26 years. I have an Associate in Early Childhood Education from Hope International University, and a certificate in biblical studies from Lutheran Bible School. I love to watch children grow socially and academically throughout our time together. 

Mrs. Maria's Funny Foxes (K4)

Hello, I am Maria Dumaine. I have been working at CCYL for 17 years. I have my Early Childhood Teaching Certificate from Southwestern College. I am originally from Peru and I incorporate teaching the Spanish language into my classroom. My goal is to help your children grow both academically and spiritually through a Christian education. I am enthusiastic, energetic, and have a lot of love to give to your children.

Miss Oyuki's Marvelous Monkeys (K4)

Hello, I’m Oyuki Ayala. This is my 10th year teaching in an early childhood setting, and my fourth year at Calvary Chapel. I am currently working towards getting a bachelor’s degree in Education. I strive for my classroom to be a warm place where your child feels accepted and ready to learn. My hope is to continue to educate young children while teaching them the word of God.

Mrs. Suzanne's Lovely Ladybugs

Hello, I’m Suzanne Haller. I have been teaching at CCYL for 25 years. I received my bachelor’s from UCI in 1981. I love teaching children and instilling in them the love of our Savior.