About Our School

CCYL emphasizes the development of the whole child.

Because today’s children need a consistent philosophy of life presented to them at home, in the church and at school.

Our Christian Preschool is established as a service to the families and children of the community. This service has grown from a sincere love for children and a desire to help them in the proper development and adjustment in our modern world. It is equipped and staffed to give the best possible care for children. Our caring and qualified staff is committed to loving, guiding, and teaching young children.

Calvary Chapel Preschool programs emphasize the development of the whole child. Our daily schedule, curriculum, and activities are designed to help each child grow spiritually, socially, emotionally, cognitively, and physically Young children learn best as active participants in a developmentally appropriate setting where they feel comfortable, challenged, and part of a group. We believe in the effectiveness of a wide range of strategies purposefully designed to encourage exploration, creativity, and conceptualization. It is our goal to also help each child develop a knowledge of God and a love for Jesus Christ who is their friend and Savior.